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You have come to the right place! 911dental.com is the place to find the best dental professional if you have chipped or cracked tooth, abscess, tooth ache, emergency oral surgery, orthodontist or any type of mouth pain or teeth problems. We have the ultimate emergency dental clinics that can provide services you need day or night. Let one of our local dental providers take care of your teeth.

Search our online directory or call us Toll Free at (800) 567-7131 and we will get you connected right away.

Our emergency dental service, similar to urgent medical clinics, 911 emergency dentists supply the services to patients who need care for immediate dental assistance. This can occur for many reasons, and you want a top quality dentist available to you any time something occurs. Accidents happen, and when they involve your teeth, you want immediate care.

Dental damage can be very painful and can cause more long term problems. That is why it is important to take care of an emergency as soon as possible. Our services are available during evenings, weekends, and for same day or next day appointments. Our qualified dentist professionals will stay late to make sure your emergency dental needs are taken care of. All dentists listed on our site offer complete emergency after hours care for new or returning patients. Our providers are all trained and certified dental professionals who care about taken care of your teeth weather it is an emergency or not.

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Weather you are looking for emergency dentist, or for qualified dental professionals, 911 Dental has you covered! We know how how hard it is to find a dentist when traveling or if you just moved in to a local city and need to find a qualified dentist. Let 911 Dental help with any of your dental needs, find local dental service professionals near you and make an appointment by phone or use our online service form, and we’ll connect you to the best dentist in your area.

5 Tips to Find and Choose a Local Dentist Near You

1. Be conscious of your dental care benefits.The choice of dentist depends on your dental health plan. For example, Dental HMOs will bound the choice of dentists to a member of the HMO network. If you visit a network dentist with a PPO plan, then this will make a difference in your copayment levels. Have a Delta Dental plan? Then see the sidebar for more information.)

2. Ask others for recommendations. It’s always a good option to ask from your relatives, friends, coworkers, neighbors or local physician for a recommendation because they are closer to you and will give a good advice. You can also search for local dentists in the list of dentists who are the members of the professional associations, such as the (ADA), (AGD) or local dental society such as the California Dental Association. Here ADA stands for American Dental Association, AGD stands for Academy of General Dentistry.

3. Factor in accessibility. Everybody prefers that the location of the dental clinic should be near your home or office. See that if you can manage to go for a checkup if you have an appointment with the doctor. Is it possible for the dentist to open the office on Saturdays? It may be suitable for you to visit on Saturday because of the holiday and you will have to convey this information to a probable dentist and dentist office staff.

4. Meet for a consultation. Gather a list of dentists, call or physically visit the dentist to see if conditions are ideal to go there. Find out if the dentist is a member of an organized professional association (such as ADA or AGD). Find out prices for different checkup plans and opt for the most suitable ones.

5. Evaluate the dentist after paying him a visit. Visit the dentist to see if the clinic or hospital is hygienic or not. Are the staff members professional and helpful? Can they handle your case after viewing your past medical files? Is the place suitable to bring a child?

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Emergency Dental Services

911 Dental emergency dentists, offer a wide variety of emergency dental services. Fully equipped to handle any teeth damage that you have come across, in addition to emergency services, full general family dentistry is offered. This way you will always be comfortable coming to us with any situation.

Dental Emergencies That Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Have you ever felt that there is something serious wring with your body but ignored it? It’s still a mystery as to how we are able to ignore our body and its problems even when we’re in great degree of pain. Well, dental care takes a seat at the bottom of our priority list and we tend to ignore even the most serious till the pain or problem becomes unbearable. Injury to the teeth is something that we should not avoid for long because dismissing or delaying the issue can aggravate the problem. Seek an emergency dentist when you are facing problem for too long or when the pain refuses to subside.

How do you know that it’s time to pay a visit to an emergency dentist? If you have been suffering from even minor pain, it’s better to get in touch with your local dentist. Keep in mind that prevention is always better than cure, so before the condition worsens, visit a dentist. We usually go to a dentist for crown treatment, surgical extractions, broken tooth etc. However, besides the cosmetic treatments, there are certain emergencies that should never be avoided. Here is a list of dental emergencies that call for immediate medical attention:

Dental services offered include:

Dental exams and x-rays - Basic toothaches can turn into something more serious, such as a dental cavity, cracked or chipped teeth, exposed tooth root, gum disease, or other tooth related disorders. It is important to have your regular dental exam two times a year, or to come into the emergency dentist if you have a toothache. We also offer x-rays if they are necessary to your situation. If left untreated, serious problems may arise.
Root canals – All of your teeth have roots. If an abscess forms at your tooth’s root, it can cause inflammation and pain. Our top quality dentists will clean out the canals of the infected tooth, and treat the abscess. The canal will be filled with a rubber-like substance, topped off with filling and capped with a new crown so that it does not break.
Cavity fillings – Cavities are what we try to prevent when we brush our teeth with fluoride toothpaste. The cavities are the holes that form in your tooth from decay. This is the most common cause of tooth aches. They can also cause infections and lead to tooth loss. Treating them will prevent further damage. Your dentist will remove the decay, clean the tooth, and add a filling to make your tooth feel better.
Crown treatment – A crown is a cap put over your tooth to strengthen it. Your emergency dentist can repair crowns when they unexpectedly break, or even fit you with a new crown if needed. Find a qualified provider that can handle your damaged or loose crown after hours.
Bridge treatment – When you have missing teeth, a bridge replaces the old ones. It is a permanent part of your mouth, unlike dentures. We can get you fitted and implant, and repair bridges as one of our dental services. We can connect you with a qualified professional day or night, weekends and holidays.
Emergency extractions – We never want to remove a tooth if we do not have to. As emergency dentists, we will try our best to do everything to repair your tooth before extraction. But if you need a tooth extracted, we offer those dental services. We can administer a local anesthetic and keep you comfortable throughout the entire process.
Surgical extractions – If everything has been done, but a tooth that is difficult for the dentist to reach needs to be removed, we can take care of you. The process is similar to that of the common extraction, with the exception that we may have to sedate you for surgical removal.
Wisdom tooth extractions – Many people can have a problem when their wisdom teeth come in. Sometimes their mouths are too small or they only partially break through which can cause decay. It is common for people to have their wisdom teeth removed. If tooth decay set in, it can be painful, and the dentists at Emergency Dental can take care of the decay and even remove the tooth if necessary.
Broken tooth repair – If you take a bad fall, or get hit in the mouth, this may cause a tooth to break or chip. If your break leaves exposed nerves, then it can be very sensitive to hot or cold items. Your broken tooth can be treated by one of our top quality dentists 24 hours service is available.
Periodontal scaling or gum cleanings – A gum cleaning treat gum disease. This is caused by heavy plaque or tartar build up. Gums can become inflamed and bleed easily. Untreated, this can cause gingivitis, which causes the gums to pull away from the teeth and painful pockets will appear. This is a serious condition which is very painful. An emergency dentist can treat this with gum cleanings.
Abscesses and swollen jaw – When your jaw, tooth or gums swell, it can be a sign of some underlying problems. Emergency Dental will be able to perform a thorough examination to determine the problems, and then treat it. Whether cavities, infected root canals, diseased gum or any other problem, an emergency dentist will work to make the pain go away.
Dentures – You do not have to go to a specialist for this, as we can mold dentures for you to replace missing teeth. We can create or repair quality full or partial dentures. Find emergency service for cracked or broken dentures, click or call today. We can repair your dentures and get you back in the action.
Family Dentistry – Our professionals offer complete family dentistry from kids to adults, and take pride in offering the best dental care for families in the industry. Special care for our patients is first priority and welcome new or return visits to our qualified dental offices. We also can handle family emergencies for any dental services.
Dental Implants – Some times a tooth can not be saved, or even several teeth in some cases, and you may want an alternative then having a big hole in your smile. Implants and implant surgery is an option for repairing and replacing broken or missing teeth and also when you have a tooth extraction performed.
Dislocated broken jaw – People around the world often suffer from a dislocated or broken jaw and statistics reveal that US is one of the worst affected countries. Dislocated or broken jaw is usually the result of brute force to the jaw from vehicle accidents, sports injuries, fist fights etc. It’s immensely important that you get in touch with an emergency dentist for immediate medical attention of a broken jaw.
Cracked teeth – Coming to the episode of cracked tooth, they can be of different types. Depending upon the types, cracked tooth come up with a wide range of symptoms. They include erratic pain while chewing, more so when the biting pressure is released. Hence, it is advisable that whenever anyone feels pain or suspect a cracked tooth, consult an emergency dentist immediately
Emergency Sports Dentistry – Much needed experts in sports dentistry that can handle injuries, as approximately 80 percent of all dental injuries affect one, if not more, of the front teeth.Sports dentist can fix many variations of small chips and cracks in teeth with experience in sports related injuries. Even a knocked-out tooth can be salvaged by seeking immediate dental assistance. Although there are professional sports dentists, it is important to protect your mouth when playing any type of physical sports.

24 Hour Dentist On Call

On vacation, or have you awoken to severe tooth pain? Finding a dentist or 24 hour dental care can be difficult and hard to do when you are having dental pain. A 24 hour dental clinics can be few and far between.

If you have a dental injury and it is after hours, it may be hard to find dental care, and you are probably asking yourself “Is there 24 hour dentist near me?” It can be disappointing news to find that you may have to go to an emergency room for temporary relief as there are not many dentists that have 24 hour dental services.

If you’re looking for after hour’s dental services between 10 pm and 7 am you may be out of luck. The best advice will probably be to search for 24 hour dentist at the nearby local hospital. So it is important that you click or call or emergency directory to see if there is some kind of 24 hour dental care provider that is nearby and can help you with your tooth pain.

Our professional directory will include 24 hour dental clinics and as our professional providers are verified for quality dental services, and as we grow our directory, it will become easier to find the right dental service for your emergency. We recommend you call our specialist if your search comes up short, and we can help you find a local emergency dentist in your neighborhood.

Toothaches and other dental complications can be painful. But, imagine how frustrating it is when you’re in pain at night and have to wait until morning for your dentist to open. Fortunately, you no longer have to suffer in pain while we’re here to take care of you. If you’re looking for an emergency dentist near you, your search stops at this point. We have the perfect family preferred dental clinics that offers exemplary services all day every day.

The last thing we want is to see you in pain. That’s why many of the dentist listed doors are open at for emergency dental services. No matter what your dental problem is our well-trained dentists will assist you in the best way they can. Our dentists have been taking care of patients for years so they can handle even the most complicated issues. If you need a dentist immediately, don’t hesitate to visit one of our emergency dental offices or call us toll free. Also use our search bar for all type of oral medical services and find a location nearby.

Why You May Need an Emergency Dentist. Well, many reasons make individuals seek for immediate dental treatments.

These include:

Lost filling- although a simple issue, this is among the most common reasons why patients visit us. While you can fix this by several routine visits, it can be extremely painful.

Lost crown or cap– we handle lost crown or cap situations promptly and professionally.

Toothache-the classic cavity is very painful. And when you have it, all you want is fast relief. While natural remedies work at times, they’re not a permanent solution. We advise that you come to our 24-hour dentist clinic and get treated by an expert.

Broken/chipped tooth-cracked, chipped or broken tooth causes excruciating pain. This, in fact, is a common issue in our clinic. Don’t deal with the pain of a broken or chipped tooth alone while our experienced dentists are here to fix that.

Tooth knocked out of the mouth– many patients we treat come in with this problem. Well, many things can cause a situation like this including chewing on very sticky substances, horsing around with friends or playing a rough spot.

So, these are the common dental issues that we see in many of our patients. However, you may be having another reason that’s not listed. If that’s the case, don’t fear. Our clinic is fully equipped to handle any dental emergencies.

Weekend Dentist

Weekend dentist are becoming more popular but still not enough are open on the weekends. Some dentist open on weekends provide this service for patients who can’t make it during the week for appointments. With so many work schedules now days that are not your standard 8 am to 5 pm Monday thru Friday and some work longer days and cannot make it during normal dental business hours. 911 Dental can help people find a weekend dentist or after hours if needed.

Not only clinics are opening their offices on the weekends now, but dental professionals are seeing the need to be available or open on the weekends for all types of dental services that you may need. It is not just a niche market as more and more are servicing patients Saturdays and Sundays along with after hour availability.

911 Dental is here to provide directory service for qualified dental services and will be available 365 days a year 24-7 for all types of dental service.

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911dental.com is the place to find the best dental professional if you have chipped or cracked tooth, abscess, tooth ache, emergency oral surgery, orthodontist or any type of mouth pain or teeth problems. We have the ultimate emergency dental clinics that can provide services you need day or night. Let one of our local dental providers take care of your teeth.
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